Supplied and installed by Vencomatic

The Burlton family have been rearing Turkeys at Valley Farm, Meldreth since 1966 when father Tony bought 5 acres of land and started delivering turkeys locally at Christmas on his Butchers bike.

Valley Farm is still a hands on family affair, now run by Tony’s sons, Michael and Andrew.

The existing brooder heaters in the house were replaced with Space Ray Big Foot Heaters on 1st October 2016.

The original equipment was Space Ray brooder Heaters, these heaters were used to brood turkey poults that were kept in cardboard circles under the brooders.

The burnt gases and moisture were released into the house and were exhausted using the ventilation system.

When the birds were 3 weeks old the cardboard was removed and disposed of.

The new Space Ray Big Foot Heaters are designed to heat he whole house and the exhaust gases are flued out of the house.

This creates a lower CO2 environment, with less humidity in the house and removes the need to place cardboard circles in the house.

The ventilation system is run at a lower rate, keeping more warm air in the house.

This reduces the gas consumption by 25%.

There is also cost saving by removing the need to place cardboard in the house, with the labour costs and disposal costs also saved.

The payback period is predicted to be 3 years.