The SPACE-RAY SRB40CRE brooder series is specially designed to create a heating effect similar to that of the sun, heating only chicks and the ground around, therefore being incredibly efficient and effective. Each heater can heat 750-3000 birds, depending on the species, and can be fully regulated and adjusted to all individual needs.

  • Radiant Heating is a completely harmless means of creating the effect of the sun inside a poultry house. Radiant energy is transmitted from the heater and only on contact with the chicks or litter at floor level turns into heat. Right where you need it most.
  • The heaters main parts are the aluminium reflector, stainless inox emitter and anti-distort burner. Corrosion resistant, these and other parts offer long and trouble free service.
  • Controlling the temperature is the way to containing energy costs. To achieve this, SPACE-RAY have a choice of controls for you to select just what you want.

Saves Fuel and Reduces Maintenance

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  • 12kW
  • Saves Fuel - up to 22 litres LPG every 24 hrs per 14 Brooder House
  • Unique 60° 'Angled' Stainless Steel Insulated Emitter - Larger Surface Area efficiently delivers heat directly to the birds - Enclosed insulation will not crumble or distort
  • 24v Power Supply
  • Low Maintenance - No pilot to clean and light
  • Unique 'Quick Adjust' 'Low Profile' hanging bracket - raises the brooder closer to the roof when not in use.
  • 'Spun' Aluminium Canopy - maximises downward heat effect
  • Durable Stainless Steel gas line from the gas valve to the main burner
  • CE Approved
  No.5 (DSI)
Technical Specification
Input Rating 12kw
Stock Capacities: as listed
Broilers 2000-3000
Pullets 1500-2000
Turkeys 750-1000
Ducks 750-1000
Pheasants 1500-2000
Brooder Spacing (maximum) 12.2m – 40ft
Reflector Diameter 890mm – 35in
Brooder Height 460mm – 18in
Brooder Weight (Approximate) 12.0kg – 26lbs
Shipping Weight (Approximate) 18.0kg – 39lbs
Gas Consumtion per Hour (Maximum Full Heat)
Propane 0.43 GPH – 10.88kg/hr
Natural 0.40 Therm – 1.15m³/hr
Electrical Supply 24VAC~50Hz 1Ph 0.5A
Mounting Height
mm 1520 – 1830
inches 60 – 72
Minimum Clearances To Combustibles
Side 915mm – 36in
Below 1220mm – 48in
Top 460mm – 18in