ADL-ADU-HB – Advantage

SPACE-RAY Herringbone Tube heaters have many applications from factories and warehouses to sports halls, aircraft hangars, supermarkets, exhibition halls and retail premises. So no matter what the use, size or shape of your building you can rest assured that SPACE-RAY Radiant Herringbone heaters will suit your needs.

How do SPACE-RAY Radiant Tube heaters work? A gas fired flame within the Calorised Emitter Tube causes the heat to radiate invisible “black heat” energy. This energy gently warms surfaces and people without heating the air directly. Therefore SPACE-RAY Radiant Tube Heaters are highly fuel efficient and are an ideal total heating system or for zone/spot heating.

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  • Exhaust flue manifold links multiple heaters to one outlet via wall or roof
  • Large floor area coverage
  • Multiple systems can be designed to heat the largest industrial, commercial or leisure complexes
  • Multi-Temperature zone control
  • All SPACE-RAY "U" Tubes and "Linear" Tube heaters can be linked to our Herringbone flue system
  • In addition you get all the benefits and advantages of SPACE-RAY quality
  • 5 Year emitter tube guarantee
  • Calorised Emitter Tube - Highly efficient
  • Calorised Emitter Tube - flake-free - guaranteed
  • Lightweight construction - 4" tubes supplied in 3m sections - easy to assemble and fit
  • Double Aluminium radiant reflectors - the proven superior material to maximise downward heat
  • All units individually tested before despatch
  • Made in the UK under ISO 9001:2008 quality assured
  • CE marked for both Natural Gas and LPG
Technical Specification
Input – kW 23.0 29.20 34.50 42.20 47.0
Length -“U” mm 5385mm 5510mm 6970mm
Length -Linear mm 9800mm 9740mm 12800mm
Width – “U” mm 460mm 715mm
Width – Linear mm 340mm
Height -“U” mm 175mm 210mm
Height -Linear mm 180mm
Weight – “U” kg 45kg 68kg 81kg
Weight – Linear kg 42kg 54kg 70kg
Gas Connection R – 1/2
Supply Pressure Natural Gas – 20mbar Prpane – 37mbar
Electrical Supply 230v~50Hz 125W, Current rating 0.55A, fuse externally 3A
Type 1 Fan  – 230v~50Hz, 60W Current Rating 0.48A
Type 3 Fan  – 230v~50Hz, Current Rating 3.30A
Air Inlet Connection 101.6mm Dia.
Mounting Height
Horizontal 3.0m – 8.0m 3.8m – 10.0m 4.0m – 12.5m 4.8m – 13.5m 5.6m – 15m
Angle > 30 Degrees 2.7m – 5.0m 3.3m – 7.0m 3.7m – 8.0m 4.0m – 9.0m 4.8m – 11m
Minimum Clearances To Combustible Materials – mm
Side 510 760
Above 450 610
Below 1220 2285
End 510 610
Front 610 760
Rear 305 380