SCB60 & 30 controllers

Control panels for use with Space Ray Radiant Tube Heater. Heaters can be controlled in 1-4 zones, as individual heater systems (SCB30) or as Multi-Burner (Herringbone) heater systems.

The controller is optimised and can be BMS Time Enabled.

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  • Programmable chronothermostat, suitable to operate 1 to 4 heating zones
  • For individual heater systems (SCB30B)
  • Multi-Burner (Herringbone) heater systems. (SCB60B)
  • Multi-Burner (Herringbone) heater systems with Multi-Zones. (SCB60B)
  • Optimised Start/Stop
  • BMS Time Enabled On/Off
Specification Guide – SCB60 & SCB30
Power supply: 230Vac +/-10%, use a 315mA safety fuse
Operation field: PTC : PTC : -50,0…110°C or -58,0…230°F.
Unit consumption: 8 VA
PTC 990Ω accuracy: ~2 °C in between –60T50 °C;
~5 °C in between +50T160 °C;
Housing: plastic board, 180 x 150 x 65mm
Fixing: on wall
Data storage: EEPROM memory
Protection: IP44
Employment conditions: environment temperature –10/+50°C ;
storage temperature –20/+70°C
Relative ambient humidity: 30 / 80%, without condensation
Connections: Power supply: screw-terminals for cables section max 4mm2
Lockout lights / relays: screw-terminals for cables section
max 2,5mm2 / min 1,5mm2
Sensors: screw-terminals for cables section max
1,5mm2 / min 0,5mm2
Display: LCD Back light
Inputs: 5 probe inputs PTC 990 Ω @25°C: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5;
4 lockout light inputs: 250vac opto-isolated
Outputs: OUT1 – 4: SPST 16A 250Vac
Serial communication: iFS serial interface TTL for :
• Controller firmware upgrade;
• Fast parameter setup (copy / paste);