DSF Destratification & SR Ceiling Fans

DSF Destratification Fan

The DSF range consists of 6 models with air outputs from 2,450m3/h to 11,4635m3/h. They are provided with a thermostat which switches the fan on when the temperature under the roof gets too high. Even when the heater is not in operation, the DSF will see to it that warm air is distributed instead of accumulating under the roof. The louvres of the grill are adjustable, enabling you to direct the air flow. Suspension of the DSF is easy by a set of chains fixed through 4 eye bolts.

SR Ceiling Fan
The SR is a 3-bladed ceiling fan for industrial purposes. The fan allows an even heating of the room because it improves the air circulation.
Good circulation is of great importance. Nowadays (industrial) rooms are often very well insulated and less heating capacity is necessary to reach the desired temperature. However, in these circumstances it is very important that the heated air is thoroughly recirculated by additional destratification fans. At the same time energy is saved because redundant warm air underneath the roof is returned to working level (= reduction of the temperature gradient). Pay back on a destratification fan is short due to the energy saving realised.
With a 5-step switch the user can set the speed of the fan motor. This also has the benefit of reducing noise level if required.

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  • • Reduces temperature gradient
  • • Less transmission losses
  • • Energy saving (10 to 30%!)
  • • Energy saving (10 to 30%!)
  • • Extra ventilation during summer
  • • Easy suspension
  • • Extra re-circulation
  • • More even distribution of heat
  • • Increased comfort
  • • Temperature gradient decreases