SPACE-RAY Radiant Plaque heaters have many applications from factories and warehouses to sports halls, aircraft hangars, supermarkets, exhibition halls and retail premises. So no matter what the use, size or shape of your building you can rest assured that SPACE-RAY Radiant Plaque heaters will suit your needs

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  • Made in the UK under our ISO 9001 quality assured system
  • Highly radiant efficient and controllable
  • Reverberatory screen and oxide coated emitter to maximise radiant output
  • 100% gas shut off "Fail Safe" control
  • Highly flexible range - complete heating scheme or perfect spot coverage
  • All units supplied fully assembled complete with burner controls
  • All units individually factory test fired and certified
  • 5 year limited Ceramic Tile guarantee
  • 5 year limited heater body guarantee
  • Aluminised Steel construction - robust and damage resistant
  • Highly reliable - instant heat effect
  • Mounting heights from 2.5m to 24m
  • Optional angled wall mounting on adjustable brackets
  • Low cost maintenance no moving parts
  SRP08 SRP15 SRP22 SRP 30 SRP30 Hi/Lo
Technical Specification
Input – kW NG 7.60 15.20 21.0 30.40 30.40/15.20
Input – kW LPG n/a 15.0 n/a 30.0 300/15.0
Length -mm 615mm 895mm 1175mm 1425mm
Width -mm 428mm 435mm
Height -mm 325mm 385mm
Weight – KG 6.0kg 11.0kg 14.0kg 24.0kg
Gas Connection Rc 1/2
Supply Pressure NG – Min 17mbar Max 25mbar Propane – Min 25mbar Max 45mbar Butane – Min 20mbar Max 35mbar
Electrical Supply 230v 50Hz 25W, 0.11A, Fused Externally 3A
Mounting Height
Horizontal 3m – 9m 4m – 12m 5m – 15m 6m – 8m
Angle > 30 Degrees 2.5m – 6m 3m – 9m 3.5m – 12m 4.5m – 15m
Minimum Clearances To Combustibles
Side 610mm 1145mm 1270mm 1525mm
Above 915mm
Below 1220mm 2590mm 2975mm 3355mm
Front Horizontal 610mm 915mm 1145mm 1375mm
Back Horizontal 610mm 915mm 1145mm 1375mm
Front – 45 Degrees 865mm 1830mm 2085mm 2365mm
Back – 45 Degrees 205mm 305mm