Space-Ray has introduced the new ‘ADVANTAGE’  high efficiency line of ECA approved qualified gas-fired radiant linear and U-tube heaters with capacities from 23 kW to 47 kW for a variety of industrial and commercial uses.
Available in both natural or propane gas, the CE-approved ADU/ADL ‘ADVANTAGE’  Series High Efficiency Radiant Tube Heaters have a higher radiant efficiency rating than comparable heaters for more efficient, comfortable and cost saving heating. 
The five new ADL Series tube heaters are available with a Linear design whilst the five new ADU Series heaters come with a U-Tube design. The heaters are manufactured under Space-Ray’s ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance Management System.
 Applications range from industrial plants and warehouses to aircraft hangers, machine workshops, weld workshops, sports halls, supermarkets, restaurants, exhibition halls, maintenance facilities, automotive body shops and dealerships, greenhouses, retail premises and others. Heaters are ideal for a total heating system or for zone/spot heating.


Qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances


The ADU/ADL ‘ADVANTAGE’  High Efficiency Infrared Radiant Tube Series are on the Energy Technology List (ETL) managed by the Carbon Trust. This means all ADU and ADL Heaters qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. 


Unique Features Incorporated


The ADU/ADL ‘ADVANTAGE’  Radiant Tube Heaters incorporate many features not found on most competitive units. Features include calorised aluminised steel combustion chambers for increased radiant efficiency, greater safety and a more uniform tube operating temperature. The surface of the emitter tube surface is heat treated to be flake free, which provides a cleaner work environment.
Double skin aluminium reflectors, a tested and proven superior material, are designed to maximise the downward radiant output and increase efficiency. The double reflector design of the heaters totally covers the emitter tubes for a more uniform distribution at the floor level, maximum emitter tube temperature, minimum convection loss and no exposed U-Bend.
            Other features include a unique monitoring light system for on-line diagnosis
and simple, easy maintenance; a state-of-the-art step opening redundant combustion gas valve for quieter ignition and added safety, and direct spark ignition with 100 percent shut off safety-control valve.
In contaminated atmospheres or high humidity areas, optional outside air for
combustion can be supplied with a standard 101.6 mm round air inlet connection.
The ADU/ADL are light in weight and easy to handle and fit for trouble free assembly. All 4-inch diameter tubes are shipped in 3 m lengths.
            With the new ADL/ADU ‘ADVANTAGE’  Series Heaters, Space Ray offers among the broadest and most complete line in the industry that fit most industrial and commercial applications.
Unlike blown air systems that works from the top down, radiant gas heat works from the bottom up warming people, floors and machines first for optimum comfort.
Beside the new ADU/ADL ‘ADVANTAGE’  High Efficiency Radiant Tube Series, Space-Ray also offers a complete line of industrial tube heaters including other Linear and U-Tube designs, double Linear and herringbone systems. A line of industrial plaque heaters is also available.
Headquartered in Ipswich, England, Gas-Fired Products UK has been serving the UK and European markets since 1964. 

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