Outdoor Heaters

Space-Ray specializes in infrared radiant heat that, like the sun, directly warms objects and people at floor level without first heating the air.

Outdoor Heating

Electric heaters, Radiant tube heaters and radiant ceramic plaque heaters are a popular heating solution for large open areas and buildings such patios, restaurants, outdoor and indoor bars, sports facilities etc. All of our heaters are IP55 weather proof, making sure your heaters stay in top working condition no matter the weather conditions.

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As a leading expert in the heating industry with more than 50 years of experience, Space-Ray delivers outstanding value-based heating products & support that our customers have been able to rely upon. Space-Ray is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality infrared radiant and warm air heating systems. We continue to move forward, bringing innovative, reliable and fuel efficient heating solutions to the marketplace.

We take pride in our entire family of commercial heaters and our commitment to quality standards in the design, manufacture, and performance of Space-Ray products — heaters with low maintenance at a competitive price, and a proven record for long life.

We have a dedicated and experienced external and internal sales team ready and willing to help satisfy your heating needs.

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