SRA - Inside and Outside mounted Poultry Space Heaters

Technical Specification
Heat Input kW 59.0
Heat Input Kcal/h 50769
Heat Input Btu/h 201368
Gas Consumption per hour LPG 4.25kg
Gas Consumption per hour Nat Gas 212.4MH
Depth 530mm
Width 780mm
Height 765mm
Weight 45kg
Air Flow 28.33m3/min (1000cfm)
Motor 248W (1/3 H.P.)
Fused 10.0A
Ignition Hot Surface Igniter
Burner Atmospheric - Heavily duty cast iron
Mounting Kit inside - Adjustable outlet vnt / suspension hooks. Outsde - Adjustable outlet vent / insulated duct / mounting kit
Gas Connection R-1/2 1/2 in BP External
Gas Type Propane - 37.0mbar (15.0 in. w.g.) supply pressure . Nat Gas 20.0mbar (8.0 in. w.g.) supply pressure
Mouting Height
Minimum Clearances To Combustibles
SRA - Inside and Outside mounted Poultry Space

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