SHP17B - Game Bird Brooder Heaters

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The SPACE-RAY SHP17B Game Bird Brooder series is specially designed to create a heating effect similar to that of the sun, heating only chicks and the ground around, therefore being incredibly efficient and effective. Each heater can heat 750-3000 birds, depending on the species, and can be fully regulated and adjusted to all individual needs.

  • Radiant Heating is a completely harmless means of creating the effect of the sun inside a poultry house. Radiant energy is transmitted from the heater and only on contact with the chicks or litter at floor level turns into heat. Right where you need it most.
  • The heaters main parts are the Stainless Steel reflector/canopy and burner. Corrosion resistant, these and other parts offer long an trouble free service.
  • Controlling the temperature is the way to containing energy costs. To achieve this, SPACE-RAY have a choice of controls for you to select just what you want. 


Reduced Fuel Consumption

Space Ray high pressure radiant Game Bird Brooders save fuel by delivering radiant warmth directly to the ground level where it's needed most. Heating the ground level before the air saves fuel.


 Ideal Replacement for High Pressure Brooders

The SHP17B Game Bird Brooder is a perfect replacement for other high pressure brooders - in most cases individual units can be replaced without added costs.


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