LRDL - Part L 2010 & Ecodesign Compliant Radiant Double Linear Heaters

  • The power of two heaters
  • But the convienience of one flue
  • Heater lengths up to 26m
  • Invented by SPACE-RAY
  • Mounting heights from 2.1m to 15m
  • Suction operation for increased efficiency and ease of venting - vertical or horizontal
  • 5 Year emitter tube guarantee
  • Calorised Emitter Tube - Highly efficient
  • Calorised Emitter Tube - flake-free - guarantee
  • Lightweight construction - quick to assemble and fit
  • Aluminium radiant reflectors - the proven superior material to maximise downward heat
  • All units individually tested before dispatch
  • Made in the UK under ISO 9002 quality assurance
  • CE marked for both Natural Gas and LPG

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