SUPERSEDED - SRL/SRU-HB - Radiant Herringbone System Heaters

NOTE: This product has been superseded.
Its details are here for customer reference for existing units only. Please select an alternative for new orders or feel free to call us for any advice specific to your needs..

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SPACE-RAY Herringbone Tube heaters have many applications from factories and warehouses to sports halls, aircraft hangers, supermarkets, exhibition halls and retail premises. So no matter what the use, size or shape of your building you can rest assured that SPACE-RAY Radiant Herringbone heaters will suit your needs.

How do SPACE-RAY Radiant Tube heaters work? A gas fired flame within the Calorised Emitter Tube causes the heat to radiate invisible "black heat" energy. This energy gently warms surfaces and people without heating the air directly. Therefore SPACE-RAY Radiant Tube Heaters are highly fuel efficient and are an ideal total heating system or for zone/spot heating.


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