SRB40CRE - Chicken & Poultry Brooder No. 9 (Pilot) Heaters

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The SPACE-RAY SRB40CRE brooder series is specially designed to create a heating effect similar to that of the sun, heating only chicks and the ground around, therefore being incredibly efficient and effective. Each heater can heat 750-3000 birds, depending on the species, and can be fully regulated and adjusted to all individual needs.

  • Radiant Heating is a completely harmless means of creating the effect of the sun inside a poultry house. Radiant energy is transmitted from the heater and only on contact with the chicks or litter at floor level turns into heat. Right where you need it most.
  • The heaters main parts are the aluminium reflector, stainless inox emitter and anti-distort burner. Corrosion resistant, these and other parts offer long an trouble free service.
  • Controlling the temperature is the way to containing energy costs. To achieve this, SPACE-RAY have a choice of controls for you to select just what you want.

Patented WindBuster™ Pilot

The Wind Buster Pilot System not only enhances flame stablility but provides dependable ignition for virtual trouble-free operation, even with speeds up to 7mph (11.2kmh).


 Maintenance Freindly

The main burner jet is quickly accessed by sliding back the quick release bracket shown above.


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