EPA-IP55 & 'FUSION' - Radiant Poultry and Agricultural Tube Heaters

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The SPACE-RAY EPAL-IP55 protected Poultry Radiant tube heater series is specially designed to create a heating effect similar to that of the sun, heating only chicks and the ground around, therefore being incredibly efficient and effective.

Radiant Heating is a completely harmless means of creating the effect of the sun inside a poultry house. Radiant energy is transmitted from the heater and only on contact with the chicks or litter at floor level turns into heat. Right where you need it most.

How do SPACE-RAY Radiant Poultry Tube heaters work? A gas fired flame within the Calorised Emitter Tube causes the heat to radiate invisible "black heat" energy. This energy gently warms the chicks or litter at floor level without heating the air directly. Therefore SPACE-RAY Radiant Tube Heaters are highly fuel efficient and are an ideal total heating system.

With an IP55 protection rated burner box and fan, makes this heater, water and dust resistant, giving long and reliable service.


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