EBF-IP55 'BigFoot' - Radiant Poultry 'U' Tube Heaters

  • Model rating of 23kW (80,000 Btu)
  • Big Foot's unique design produces a large rectangular heat pattern which matches shape of poultry house
  • IP55 rated burner box and fan, complete with fresh air flexible connector, clips, suspension hooks and outlet screen
  • 5 Year emitter tube guarentee
  • Calorised Emitter Tube - Highly efficient
  • Calorised Emitter Tube - flake-free - guaranteed - for safer and cleaner working environment
  • Provides a large, even heat footprint, thus promoting improved bird growth
  • 19° optimised reflector angle which minimises convective wash, giving better radiant throw for even temperature distribution
  • Allows birds warm access to food and water
  • Can be flued to reduce CO2 emissions in house
  • Efficient and cost saving heating method

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