SRA - Inside and Outside mounted Poultry Space Heaters

  • Advanced UK Design - UK designed and manufactured air heater for poultry application
  • Dual Application: Inside and Out - Inside or outside mounting using the same heater for either application
  • Very Competively Priced - Outstanding value in today's competitive market placee
  • Approved to Full "CE" Standard - Meets all relaveant European directives
  • No Hassle Maintenance - Easy access to both burner and controls
  • Twin Solenoid Valve - Flame failure and air sensor switches, all part of the package
  • Adjustable Rate; 4 Heat Options - 66kW to 44kW depending on your aplication, house size & needs
  • Gas Fired - uses either propane or natural gas
  • External Diagnostic Monitoring Lights - mount the light bar to show from any angle.

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