Industrial Heating Products

All SPACE-RAY heaters are made in the UK under ISO 9001 quality assurance. If you would like more information, please click on the heater you require, to see the general specifications and the brochure link on that page. Alternatively, contact a member of our staff using the contact details found through the menus above.

While all our radiant gas heaters are efficient, the following heaters have been recognised by the UK Government to be of high enough efficiency to be placed on their approved ETL (Energy Technology List) as a part of ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowances) scheme.

A link to the complete list of Space-ray heaters on the ELT can found on our Enhanced Capital Allowances page

High Efficiency

Industrial Tube Heaters
Industrial Plaque Heaters
Poultry Brooders
Poultry Tube Heaters