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The Gas Fired Products Group of Companies manufacture space and process heating systems in both the UK and North America. Space-Ray is a division of the Gas Fired Products Group.

Founded in 1949 and 1964 (UK), at SPACE-RAY we have more than 60 years experience in the design, manufacture and application of radiant heating systems. SPACE-RAY radiant systems are today heating many 10,000's of varied buildings from Alaska to Australia.

In 1968 SPACE-RAY invented and developed the unitised low intensity radiant tube heater, better know now as the U-tube. As part of our target to maximise radiant output, we combined calorised aluminised emitter tubes with highly efficient aluminium reflectors and began a revolution in the space heating industry.

The best inventions develop from simple ideas, so we based our idea on the most reliable heater known - the Sun.
The Sun's heat energy radiates through space and our atmosphere, striking the Earth's surface and warming it. It is this warmed surface that then heats and raises the air temperature. We have all seen a heat haze rising from the ground on a summer's day. An easy way to experience that the sun heats you first before the air is to move from the shade into the sunshine on a cold winters day. You immediately feel several degrees warmer, though the air temperature is still very low. Equally in the summer, if you want to cool down, sit in the shade.

Take the two most convenient ways of heating any non-domestic building - radiant and blown hot air. With a blown hot air system you must constantly spend money on heating, circulating and reheating the cold air. The warmed air rises so the blown air system heats the building from top down making the occupied floor area the last and most difficult place to keep warm.

The radiant system however, doesn't have to heat the air. The radiant energy first heats the people and all the objects around the people including the floor. This effectively surrounds the occupants in a warm blanket of heat. The warm floor and objects then act as secondary heaters raising the air temperature just like the summer heat haze. Better still when the doors have been opened and the warm air lost, radiant heating wins again! The blown air heaters must start from the beginning to heat the cold air and the building from the top down which can take a long time. With the radiant system however, the floor and objects around you have maintained their blanket of warmth and the building quickly returns to operating temperature. Even while the doors are open you will feel the benefit of radiant heaters, again like the sun on a cold winter's day.

Probably more satisfying than the superior comfort conditions you will experience with a Space-Ray radiant heating system is the knowledge you are saving energy and money throughout the heating season. Compared with a blown hot air system you can expect to save 30-50% in annual fuel costs. Some Space-Ray customers have experienced payback of their capital investment after only one year.

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