Glossary of Terms

This is a glossary of terms and abbreviations used by this website and within the industrial, commercial, agricultural, leisure heating industry.  The terms are listed apathetically.

Calorised Emitter Tubes
Is where aluminium is fused to the surface of base metal heating tubes to protect it from oxygen , carbon, sulphur and the products of combustion of all common fuels.  Due to the protection given to the base metal, calorised aluminised mild steel has improved resistance to deformation and scaling at elevated temperatures.  It also provides improved radiation performance.  (See "Why Calorised Emitter Tubes" for more details)

DECC - Department of Energy and Climate Change
DECC is a ministerial department that works to make sure the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies.

ECA - Enhanced Capital Allowances
The ECA scheme means that a business can invest in energy-saving heating systems in a cost efficient manner. The first year allowances let businesses set 100% of the cost of the assets against taxable profits in a single tax year. This means the company can write off the cost of the new plant or machinery against the business’s taxable profits in the financial year the purchase was made.  An ECA is claimed through a business’s income or corporation tax return in the same way as any other capital allowance.

ETL - Energy Technology List.
The ETL is managed on behalf of DECC by the Carbon Trust. The ETL is a government-managed list of energy-efficient heating system (and other plant machinery) that qualify for full tax relief. For a product to be on the ETL, it must meet specific energy-saving or energy-efficient criteria. The ETL is part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax scheme for businesses.

Radiant Heating
Radiant heaters work in the same way as the sun.  Radiant heat is infra-red energy that passes through air and is converted into heat by solid objects that it comes into contact with.  All light energy is eventually converted into heat. Infra-red energy is just another form of light energy which we cannot see with the naked eye.  This form of heating provides instant heat without the need to heat the surrounding air first (like convection heater), it is silent and has low running and capital costs (when compared to other forms of heating with equivalent outputs).

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